The small breweries form a part of various public centres, entertaiment, tourist, recreational, shopping and industrial centres, hotels, restaurants, etc.

They are prefered, as well, in remote areas where the transport expenses grow due to the long distances and regular supplies for the inhabitants are sometimes difficult.

Visitors of the small brewery can see its equipment and they can follow-up the beer production process. The equipment design, as well as precision of its workmanship, at a suitable interior architectonic arrangement, increase attractivity of the environment the brewery has been located in. Small brewery is also popular due to the fact that it can provide the customers with a wide assortment of beers of individual characters, produced by the classical technology from malt, hop, yeast and water only.

Our Company can deliver the small breweries of capacities within the range from 1 000 to 10 000 hl/year. Breweries of capacity up to 2 000 hl/year are supplied with a two-vessel brewing unit of a brew of 5 hl, Breweries of capacity up to 3 000 hl/year are supplied with a two-vessel brewing unit of a brew of 10 hl, breweries of mean capacity 10 000 hl/year with two-vessel brewing unit of a brew of 20 hl, and the larger breweries with a four-vessel brewing unit of a brew of 20 hl.

From the technology point of view, either the two-mash decoction or infusion methods may be used. The vertical fermenting, lager storage and racking tanks are used for the classical main fermentation and post-fermentation of beer. The tanks may be located either in a cooled room or provided with the cooling jackets, insulation and stainless-steel lining. The small brewery may be controlled either manually, with a minimum automatic control, or by means of a programmable automat, especially for brewing and fermentation processes.

The basic material for the small brewery manufacture is stainless Cr-Ni-steel. On the customer,s wish, the brewing vessels may be equipped with copper lids and copper linings.

As the heating medium for the brewery is used steam generated in a steam generator with help of natural gas, town gas, electric energy, or heating oil.

Design of the small brewery is based on the demands for minimum civil-engineering investment (built up area and room), minimum consumption of energy (waste heat utilization, polyurethane insulations), minimum load of the living environment (escapes from cooling. liquidation of waste vapours), maximum operation reliability and economy, as well as the shortest erection period (pre-assembly at the manufacturer).